About the "v6ns" test.

This FAQ has been produced to try and address what it means for the v6ns test to be "bad".

This test specifically verifies that your DNS resolver (usually operated by your Internet service provider, or your corporate IT department) is capable of reaching IPv6 Internet sites for DNS lookups. If you explicitly configured the use of a different DNS server, such as OpenDNS or Google's Public DNS, you'll test those services instead.

If this test fails: it means that the DNS resolver you are using, requires IPv4 to reach the DNS authoritative servers of your favorite web sites. In the near future, every web site of consequence will remain accessible in this form, so there is no immediate danger.

If this test succeeds: it means that your DNS resolver is fully capable of reaching IPv6 DNS servers. This means that the operator of that DNS server has IPv6 within their network. If they do not already offer you IPv6, this may be a sign that they are actively working on trying to make it possible.

Do you use OpenDNS?

OpenDNS is now offering IPv6-specific resolvers, that will be able to retrieve DNS over IPv6. This means the "v6ns" test operated here will pass. See the OpenDNS IPv6 information page.

Do you operate your own DNS resolvers?

If you operated the DNS resolvers in use at your home or organization, enabling IPv6 on your DNS server is easy.

Confirmation: dig aaaa aaaa.v6ns.test-ipv6.com should return back an aaaa record without errors.

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