You appear to have no IPv6 at this time..

You appear to have no IPv6 address.

It looks like you have only IPv4 Internet service at this time. Don't feel bad - most people are in this position right now. Most Internet service providers are not quite yet ready to provide IPv6 Internet to residential customers.

Many of the visitors to the site are new to what IPv6 is. If you don't know why IPv6 matters, see the Why IPv6 FAQ. This will give you a bit of background of what to expect with IPv4 in the coming months and years; and perhaps some incentive to ask your ISP when they will offer IPv6.

If you strongly believe you have IPv6, but we were unable to detect it: it means one of a couple of things. Either your organization is blocking the use of IPv6 to talk to the outside Internet through network policy; or perhaps what you see with IPv6 on your host is not a global address. Any address starting with "::", "fc", "fd", or "fe" are unable to work with the public IPv6 Internet.

If you are savvy with technology, you can be an early adopter of IPv6, consider learning more about 6to4 providers (managed 6to4 tunnel services). The use of automatic tunnels is discouraged [see more].

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